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“Only one thing makes me feel like I can make it. It’s books. Reading. I have to go back. Just one more time. If I can go to the Ironton County Mobile Library on Wheels one more time, smell the books, touch them, if I can do that, I think I’ll make it.”

The Chosen One, Carol Lynch Williams

This is Disciplinary Literacy

This is Disciplinary Literacy


“ReLeah Lent has developed a great framework for helping content area teachers think about their discipline-specific literacies. More important, she has equipped them with tools that allow them to use these literacies to forward content learning. From student-led discussions to reading infographics, This is Disciplinary Literacy brings today’s literacies into content classrooms.”
“Content area teachers will be delighted to find their concerns regarding disciplinary literacy finally addressed with discipline-specific ways of integrating literacy that will to help all students deepen their content learning.  Teachers who’ve struggled with how to integrate literacy into their discipline or who are looking for fresh ideas for increasing literacy in their content area will find classroom-ready examples they will be able to use.  What I like most about this book is the focus on literacy as a vehicle to enhance learning for all content areas.”
“Acquiring skill in disciplinary literacy is essential for students to become college and career ready.  This is Disciplinary Literacy is a contribution to teachers everywhere striving to meet the needs of their students.  This book hits the right balance between rationale for disciplinary literacy and providing useful approaches to use in each content area instruction.  The book will help teachers provide opportunities for deeper learning of content as well as a demonstration of rigorous reading, writing, thinking, and doing.  Congratulations on a job well done by ReLeah Lent.”
“This is Disciplinary Literacy is your go-to book for everything you need to know about this important topic. Lent expertly guides middle and high school teachers through an explanation of disciplinary literacy as well as how and why teaching and learning approaches differ in each content area.  Overflowing with examples from diverse classrooms and practical suggestions that teachers will embrace, chapters dedicated to reading, writing, inquiry, and collaborative learning will deepen your understanding of what literacy means in your subject.”



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