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Disciplinary Literacy: Deeper Learning Within the Disciplines:

ReLeah helps content teachers explore why students need to understand how historians, novelists, mathematicians, and scientists use literacy in their respective fields and shows how to teach students to:

  • Evaluate and question evidence (Science)
  • Compare sources and interpret events (History)
  • Favor accuracy over elaboration (Math)
  • Attune to voice and figurative language (ELA)

Growing Literacy Leaders from Within:

ReLeah shows teachers how to break down barriers that exist between departments and form strong, sustainable learning communities with content-area literacy as a foundation. Participants will create a customized plan which will help lead to improved student achievement, greater teacher engagement, and increased collaboration.

Engagement: The Key to Literacy. . . and Learning:

Research shows that engagement is the factor that leads to increased student outcomes; in fact, it connects to achievement more strongly than home environment. Join ReLeah Lent, author of This Is Disciplinary Literacy, for the latest research on engagement, along with strategies and practices to motivate learners in all disciplines.

Say What? Using Inquiry and Problem Solving for Deep Learning:

When students tap into curiosity, ownership, and the challenge of solving a problem, they learn how to learn. What’s more, they remember what they learn. Explore with ReLeah strategies and classroom practices that begin with inquiry, move into intrinsic motivation, and end with sustainable and deep learning.

Assessment: There’s More to it than Test Scores:

Assessment should be an integrated part of every curriculum. Join ReLeah for a lively, engaging day of probing the many dimensions of authentic assessment, which can inform differentiated instruction, small group work, and problem-based learning. As students “do” work in the disciplines for relevant purposes, teachers observe and provide timely feedback.

Writing to Learning—in all Disciplines:

Writers learn to become better writers by…writing! In this session, ReLeah provides practical ideas for helping students become fluent writers in each discipline as they learn to use writing as a tool for argument, description, analysis, self-reflection, and most of all, learning.

From Textbooks to Textsets: Using Textbooks as Resources, not Curriculum Guides:

Learn how to use textbooks to support curriculum along with a wide variety of print and digital texts that encourage deep learning. ReLeah provides teachers with practical suggestions for creating lessons with resources that go far beyond the traditional textbook.

Facing Censorship: Keeping Books in the Hands of Readers:

You’ll be shocked at what books have been censored recently and why many well-intentioned educators want to remove books from libraries and classrooms. Join ReLeah Lent, immediate past chair of NCTE’s Standing Committee against Censorship, as you examine and then create school and district policies that proactively address this sensitive issue.