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Blog – Crosswise: Writer to Reader, Reader to Writer by Melanie Stultz Backus:


ReLeah Cossett Lent, an educational consultant based in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia,  kicked off the Vermont Adolescent Literacy and Learning Initiative workshop series on Disciplinary Literacy on Wednesday, February 10th in South Burlington. Sound as if there was a high “pedantic” factor?  There was not, because unlike many presenters,  Ms. Cossett Lent preserves the sense of play, discovery and delight that infuses classrooms with engagement and pleasure.  It was unexpectedly refreshing to hear her enthusiastic suggestions for great books to use in middle school and high school classrooms, to know that her notions about worthy texts extends from children’s picture books to graphic novels to non-fiction masterpieces, and to fiction and memoir at any level.  Her embrace of  a multi-disciplinary approach to learning equips her to support the key idea of “disciplinary literacy,” which at its core is an acknowledgement of the separate languages of various spheres of learning, and of the need to translate and transliterate those languages in the middle school and high school environment, not so they are unrecognizably homogenous, but instead, so that we can nurture a supple interlinguistic intelligence to develop lifelong patterns of learning.

From a teacher in one of ReLeah’s residencies in Atlanta:


I look forward to any and all opportunities to gather with this Literacy Initiative group.
ReLeah is a wonderful presenter and teacher. She not only presents innovative instructional strategies, but is also enthusiastic about ideas that are shared by our group. She embraces our group’s willingness to share the experimental approaches to reading we have invented and used in our classrooms. She is genuinely excited by them and us– she is an absolute delight.

I have taken many professional learning courses. This is the most beneficial and inspiring PD class/course I have ever had the PRIVILEGE of attending or being involved in!
THIS is the epitome of what all PD courses should be… motivating educating, inspiring, constantly evolving. I was so sad that the last time we all got together was four months ago. And I will be equally saddened when our group no longer will get the chance to be together!

From Noemi Reyes, Common Core Coach for Porterville Unified School District:

I had the opportunity to attend your amazing PD training on Literacy this past Tuesday! All of us from PUSD loved it!!! I so appreciate who you are, your passion for making literacy engaging, all you have published, and your efforts to spread this passion across the nation. I also appreciated the PPT, engagement strategies, and resources you shared with us. You inspired me to want to read many of the books you recommended. . . Most importantly, you inspired me think about ways we can further inspire our students and teachers alike.The “Read Box” Project was inspired by Pinterest but includes the books you recommended.


Derek writes:

My book review presentation (on Overcoming Textbook Fatigue) went excellent and my classmates were excited to read your comments and feedback. We have been studying “effective” PLC’s and your comments about alignment of the right curriculum for the right age students are spot on. Oh, and Common Core CPR. . .fabulous!


From Lisa Scherff:


Photo – Kids in my reading classes getting ready to present group analysis of article from your book! We did background building for required texts we read.

Lisa's class

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