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ReLeah with Judy Blume

Workshop with Judy Blume

Workshop with Best-Selling Author Judy Blume


High school science teachers getting into "close reading."

High school science teachers getting into “close reading.”




ReLeah’s comments about standardized testing on NPR:

RELEAH COSSETT LENT: At the time, you really felt threatened if you didn’t buy into the old FCAT business. It was almost like you were being disloyal.

MACK: ReLeah Cossett Lent was part of the early chorus of FCAT opponents. When the test started, she was teaching English in Bay County, Florida. She remembers when FCAT practice tests were first delivered to her classroom.

LENT: You opened them up and it’s just horrible, just long, boring passages with all of these multiple-choice questions. And so I just took them all and put them in my closet. And my closet in my room was just full, from bottom to top, of all these test booklets because I didn’t use them.



Listen in on a radio interview with ReLeah about motovating students from her book Common Core CPR.

Go to to hear it now.


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