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“At every opportunity, push students to examine their own beliefs in light of a larger, world-wide background, and encourage them to respond as active participants in this new global community, rather than as a part of the silent masses who wait for something, either good or bad, to happen to them.”

Untangling Intricacies of Academic Freedom – ReLeah Lent and David Moshman


Challenges?  Censorship?

Where to go. . . What to do


NCTE experts on academic freedom ReLeah Cossett Lent and David Moshman. Veryt Compelling show!

You will find plenty of advice, documents, and guidelines about censorship on the NCTE website, but I recommend that you contact Millie Davis at NCTE right away if you are having censorship issues. She knows what to do and will offer immediate support. You can also find lots of rationales for teaching challenged books on this site.

Joan Bertin at the NCAC is a staunch defender of freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression and she opposes censorship in all its forms. The organization will direct assistance and counseling to anyone confronted with censorship. Sign up to receive their newsletter, too.  It’s timely and interesting.

This is the organization that sponsors Banned Books Week; you can find all kinds of activities to help your students understand more about censorship, especially during this week.  If you are a librarian and need help with challenges or censorship, go here immediately. This association is dedicated to free access to libraries and library materials. They offer webinars, meetings, information and equip attorneys to counsel and defend libraries and librarians.

Go here to join The Freedom to Read Foundation (membership does require dues) and get a great quarterly newsletter. This organization is affiliated with the American Library Association.

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